Real Bathmate User Reviews

Review 1:

In a bid to try and reproduce the same results that everyone else was claiming, I caved and bought myself a Bathmate pump over a year ago. I started, with skepticism, a 30 day challenge to see for myself. While I did see a .25 inch gain in length, I ran into all sorts of discomfort such as testicle discomfort and swelling. Both the gain and the symptoms disappeared after taking a month off, but I decided to give it another go – and I’m glad I did!

Instead of my initial rushed approach and extended usage time (don’t judge me – I was eager to see results), I cut down my daily usage to 10-15 minutes per day. I also pumped less vigorously. I stopped worrying about trying to see the results and got into a routine of using it 5 days a week. After 3 months of less vigorous but regular usage, I saw a number of impressive visual changes.

One, it was much veinier. Two, red spots were disappearing. Three, I had small foreskin stretchmarks (but nothing too major, no discoloration and most of them I probably got from overexertion during the first month). Four, my head is much larger and more defined than it used to be! After 1 year of continual usage, I had a .75″ gain in length and nearly .5″ gain in thickness – all from using it for half the recommended time and making sure I take breaks every 2 minutes or so.

Review 2:

After two months of use, I can report a .24″gain in length and .23″ gain in mid-shaft girth while erect. During the first month, I was going in soft and started with three sessions a week, doing between 100 and 200 jelqs before using the Bathmate. My first week, I did 6 minute sessions and now I’m up to 16 minutes per session (in week 8). I did see some discomfort after week 6, so I dropped the number of pre-workout jelqs to 100 in order to reduce the soreness. I’m definitely seeing results and will continue using the Bathmate, in conjunction with other enhancement methods.

Review 3:

I received my Bathmate product less than three months ago and I’ve seen some great results that I’d love to share. When I first got it, I went straight into using it while fully erect for as long as I could manage. Pretty much straightaway I managed to get up to 20 minutes of usage each session. My initial measurements were 6.1″ erect length and 5.5″ erect girth. I avoided measuring until now, so that I could see whether there would be a noticeable difference – and there was! I gained nearly 1″ in erect length and even .3″ in girth. I wasn’t expecting the girth extension, but I’m not going to complain! This was without doing any jelqs or other manual extension exercises, though I did edge once or twice before each session. I did experience some bruising and a burst blood vessel, but that was from jumping in too fast and overdoing it.

Review 4:

One of the best products that I’ve discovered to enhance the size of my penis. After just two weeks, I have a noticeably thicker and heavier penis and I’m now almost 8″ when erect. Combined with kegels and jelqs, I definitely see this as one of the best things I have ever invested money in. When I first started, I was doing 200 jelqs both before and after. This product is great but I think it’s best to do it in conjunction with other exercises.

Review 5:

After two months of use, I can definitely see improvements in length and girth. When I started using it back in October, I was 5″ when erect. Now, I’m 6″ erect. I’ve also seen improvements in girth – before I started using Bathmate I was 4.25″, now I have a 5.25″ when erect. One of the upsides is that now sex with my girlfriend is on a whole new level – it’s so exciting to hear her gasp “It’s not going to fit… push it slowly…” The gains I’ve had from using Bathmate are unbelievable. Having to change condom size was a big booster for me! Before Bathmate, I had never used any type of enhancement objects, done jelqs or kegels – I had never thought any of it would work. Now I’m hooked – I do 10-12 minutes using Bathmate before I have sex and I’ve seen great results!

Review 6:

I’ve been using Bathmate for a year now and I’ve gained a full inch in length and 1/4″ in girth. My routine is probably a little different to everyone else’s but hey – it works! I have several tips regarding use of the Bathmate – things to do both before and after that have had a helping hand in getting my gains. Firstly, using heating pads. Doing stretches, jelqs and kegels all help but I don’t think any of my gains would be possible without the use of the Bathmate. I typically do 1 hour of exercises per day and use the Bathmate for approximately 30 minutes at full pressure. This might seem like a lot, but I have been working up to this for a year! I even managed to avoid the mushroom head effect that others see while using the Bathmate which feels like a great accomplishment. Overall, I would definitely recommend the Bathmate to anyone looking to increae their length and girth – for me I’ve seen increases in both.

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