Frequently Asked Questions about Bathmate

Everything you have ever wanted to know and everything you are unsure about Bathmate answered all in one place. Curious about whether it’s worth the price? Whether it works? Where’s the best place to buy one? Do you have to use the Bathmate in conjunction with other enhancement products or methods? We’ve got answers to all these and more!

Q1: I’ve seen Bathmates for sale on Ebay and other websites. Is it safe to buy from these retailers or should I only buy from the original?

I would suggest buying from the original retailer, and it’s difficult to say exactly which other online vendors are real/fake. Sure, they may be slightly cheaper on Ebay, but it’s up to you whether you want to take that risk instead of buying something that you know for sure is the genuine product. There are many fake versions of the Bathmate available to buy on the internet, via Ebay and other sites, but the fact is you won’t get the same level of support that you would if you bought from the original American retailer. Not only do you get the real deal, you get a no-hassle returns policy that lasts four weeks plus a guarantee that lasts a year from the date of purchase. There are shipping centers for Bathmates across the United States, in Michigan and Oregon as well as Toronto so you’re guaranteed an American-made product.

Q2: What’s the difference between the Hercules Bathmate and the Goliath?

The primary difference is in size and if you’re confused as to which size best fits you, let me tell you that 90% of guys are comfortable with the Hercules version. It supports up to 7″ erect length and more than 6.5″ in girth which is more than enough for your average BM user. There’s the X40 which is the intermediate that supports up to 8.46″ erect length and the Goliath which supports up to 9.84″.

Q3: I’m scared people will find out that I’m doing exercises to get myself a bigger dick. Can I use the Bathmate without doing any exercises?

The short answer is yes, yes you can use the Bathmate as a standalone product to help you gain length and girth. Even if you don’t have much time on your hands, using the Bathmate hydropump can add a substantial amount after extended usage. Some people find it more beneficial to perform jelqs and kegels but it’s entirely your choice.

Q4: Is the Bathmate good for both length and girth gains or just girth?

While it’s true that girth gain is one of the major selling points, you can extend your length with the Bathmate too. Even if you don’t do much physical exercise for months, use of the Bathmate can consistently yield gains in length. If length is what you are most interested in, there are specific exercises you can do to encourage length gains while using products in the Bathmate range.

Q5: I’ve heard too many conflicting reports. Should I use the Bathmate while flaccid, with a semi or full erection?

When starting out using the Bathmate, I would follow the manufacturer guidelines and use when in a flaccid state. After you get used to the exercises, feel of the Bathmate and perhaps after confirmation from your doctor if you have one – you can move on to the semi-hard state that most people use to enhance their girth and length.

Q6: When will I get to see the full, long-lasting pump gains?

Usually after about a month of use, when you have started to experiment with using the Bathmate while erect. You’ll find usage is much more intense and the pumped up feeling definitely lasts much longer.

Q7: Should I shave my pubic hair before using the Bathmate?

While it’s not strictly necessary, I would recommend that you at least trim down there if you’re not comfortable with shaving the entire region.

Q8: Do I need the whole set of Bathmate products or just the hydropump?

This is down to personal choice. While there’s no doubt that the professional products do a great job helping you to maintain your new best friend, it is possible to clean the device without the kit. I’d recommend purchasing just the one Bathmate pump and not upgrading until it breaks or you grow out of it.

Q9: How do I use the Bathmate?
The original retailer’s website actually has a section dedicated to how to use their products. You’ll even find instructional videos and other how-to questions answered.

Q10: What are the red dots I get after using the Bathmate?

This is a common question from people new to using the product. Firstly, don’t worry! They’re harmless and they will disappear. Generally speaking it means you’ve put your penis under too much pressure and it’s a sign that you should take your Bathmate exercises a little easier. If you suddenly get them after several months of use, try cleaning the Bathmate.

Q11: How do I clean the Bathmate after use?

This is another one of those questions that is covered by the instructions that come with the product when you buy it. Although some recommend you buy the cleaning kit, rinsing the Bathmate and following the supplied instructions does just fine.

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