Penis pumps : A critical evaluation. Are they the answer to male enhancement?
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Penis pumps : A critical evaluation. Are they the answer to male enhancement?

When it comes to talking about penis size, it’s not uncommon for people to get confused or embarrassed or ashamed – however you don’t need to be! Even if you’re not up to scratch with what you think the average is, there are definitely methods out there available to you to help you feel more confident. Whether they’re physical aids, or natural enhancements, or learning new tricks to please your dream woman in the bedroom, you can definitely pick the one that you feel best with to help you on your way to being more confident, when it comes to intercourse with your partner.

One of the current penis enhancements available on the market is the much talked about “Penis Pumps” – it’s been around for over a century now and has good success worldwide, mainly in treating the “impotence” or “erectile dysfunction” in men.

Vintage penis pump
Vintage penis pump

But does that work for male enhancement as well? While some penis enlargement pumps have good, solid, user reviews, and people generally agree that it does what it claims to do, however there are so many penis pumps models out there and makes out there, that promise you insane results and they’re definitely not any worth.

The concerns with penis pumps


1.Unethical marketing

Unfortunately, companies seeing huge demands of these penis enlargement products, try to sell it with various angles. For example, they say the product is great for use when you’re in a bath or a shower, promoting it more like a masturbation tool than anything.

People fantasizing about a good penis size, seem to be regular consumers of porn. And having a tool that is good for penis growth as well as masturbation, just excites them. However, excessive masturbation and consumption of porn can actually decrease penis size, and mess with your “dopamine system“.

So, if penis growth is your goal, be it girth wise or length wise, you might want to read more on ill effects of porn and masturbation.


In short, when you masturbate excessively, your testosterone receptors in the body decrease. And the body does not want to have more dopamine in the system for long, and want to quickly ejaculate to get the pleasure feeling you receive when dopamine receptors absorb the dopamine.

This also effects your growth hormone, (levels of dopamine and growth hormone are directly related).

And Human Growth hormone (or HGH) is required for any muscle growth, and your penis is simply a muscle that also requires this hormone to grow.

Interestingly, there are anecdotal reports of some bodybuilders who heavily use HIIT (high intensity interval training) seeing an increase in their penis size, girth wise and length wise. HIIT dramatically increase HGH. And some steroids users using HGH have reported it too. There is a scientific study on this as well.

So, the first thing you need to understand before investing in a penis pump, is you have to be very clear of your goal. Do you really want a masturbation tool or a real penis pump?

The best penis pumps out there are those that use water suction and made of quality skin friendly , yet durable materials. For example, Bathmate that takes advantage of the water to help you with your growth mission.

2. Considerations for your partner

Even though the top penis pumps claim to work and guys are singing praises, it’s definitely worth looking into the negative side effects that it can cause. If you’re with a partner, ensure that you’re taking them in to consideration – a sudden change in size could be difficult for them to accommodate and can actually end up putting a dampener on your sex life.

It can be good thing or the bad thing. You should definitely talk to your partner about this.

For example the Bathmate is hugely efficient with girth issues, giving you a wider girth, which can definitely hurt your partner if you’re not careful and can mean that they need extra attention when sex is being initiated. It can also lead to bleeding and tears, so it’s definitely something to consider properly. If you’re more interested in length, it’s likely that the Bathmate won’t be too much of a problem, unless you decide to take an HGH releaser for penis growth as well.


Of course, there are some immediate solutions to this girth problem that can include using extra lubrication when it comes to penetration, or even ensuring that your partner has been fully prepared beforehand and that you take it slow, but sex shouldn’t be uncomfortable for either party and ensuring that both are happy is the most important.

If you have an active, current partner and they don’t care about your measurements and unless you’re really unhappy with your length and girth, and it’s causing you confidence issues, it’s possibly better to stay as you are. If you’re absolutely intent on increasing your girth, take it slow and make sure you listen to feedback – it might start off enjoyable for your partner, or they may enjoy the different sensations that come from the additional inches, but once it starts to become uncomfortable or feel too much, it might be wise to take a break.

3. Side effects

As well as being uncomfortable for your partner, it’s also worth considering what a penis pump can do to you. It can increase sensitivity, and even cause discomfort and a tense feeling, that only worsens when your skin is being stretched and you’re erect; this can make the idea of sex off-putting and mean that the effort you’ve gone into increasing the size of your penis will render it unusable for a little while – once again possibly having the complete reverse effect that you were looking for. While the saying no pain, no gain is incredibly common and seems to fit here, there are some pains that it’s not worth inflicting on yourself.

Another thing to keep in mind, showing that even some big brands penis pumps out there might not be the absolute best product out there, whilst definitely being one of the better marketed, is that some users of penis pumps have reported, it can actually sometimes hinder their ability to have an erection.

While it’s unlikely that there is any nerve or tissue damage to your penis that completely rules out the chance of repair, not having the power to get erection, even for a small time, can have psychological effects on you that just aren’t worth it for a few additional inches or a slight boost in the bedroom. It’s better to have a working penis that you, and your partner, are happy and comfortable with than a penis that you’re unable to use because you didn’t feel like your measurements were adequate enough.

There are also reports of red spots on penis, but it is mainly because of pumps overuse.

4. Penis pumps results

While you might see great results when you first start using a pump like Bathmate, it’s possible that they’re not always the kind of results that are going to last long. Whether they are permanent or not, depends on many things like how regularly and strictly you stick to the workout sessions, and your hormonal profile.

When you’re using any pump product, it’s possible that you see significant gains and feel incredibly confident in the product but that isn’t any indication that the results are going to last and you’ll continue to see this kind of growth. The Bathmate isn’t the only product you can buy, (although it does seem to be the best right now, and leading the race well) and there are many options out there for you that have much more reliable results available from real people.

The truth is penis pumps seem to suffer from unsure and varying reviews – some people will swear by it and say that it’s the best enhancement product they’ve ever used (and in most cases it’s the only product they’ve actually used to improve their size) and others will say that it’s done absolutely nothing for them and they’ve not seen any noticeable difference either in length or girth.

It’s important that you check before you buy and make sure that you’re getting reviews on penis pumps from various sources. Try and avoid official websites for comments and reviews as it’s not always guaranteed that they’re accurate or honest reviews of the product.


Always, however, make sure that you purchase from an official seller as buying a knockoff version of the product or cheaper one can do a lot more harm than an original, high quality will. So, don’t be cheap. If you’re serious into buying one, go for the best quality.

The vast difference in penis pumps reviews can be unnerving and make it incredibly difficult to decide whether or not this is an option for you. While it’s important to remember not to trust every person on the Internet, when something seems to be commonplace and often repeated, it’s definitely worth heeding the warnings.

However, in my opinion, the reason why people don’t see permanent, long term success with penis pumps, is because they totally skip the “hormonal” part and concentrate only on the physical part.

There are two aspects of penis growth – one is internal and the other is external. The internal aspect is the “hormonal system”, consisting of the hormones that create environments of growth of the cells in the penis.

Read more on the hormonal aspect.

And the external or physical part is using the stimulation to achieve those gains, either by using a pump or jelqing or by other means.


5. Permanent vs Temporary results

If you’re only looking for temporary, then by all means, even just a good enough pump might be a brilliant option for you and one that is likely to give you the results that you’re looking for – but it’s not guaranteed to last. Make sure that you’re taking the time to research the effects it could have on you and even look in to other ways of increasing your girth, whether you’re looking for temporary or more permanent results. There are many products available on the market that are good,  and there are even natural ways that you can increase your penis size with.

The important thing to remember when you’re doing this is that pretty much all the girth and size you’ll get is temporary if you don’t keep it up with your enlargement routines. Once you’ve reached your required size, you need to ensure that you continue to maintain it throughout your penis workout sessions. You don’t necessarily have to keep going and keep growing your measurements out, but you need to ensure that you’re doing enough to keep the growth that you do have.


A penis pump isn’t a short term solution and it definitely requires commitment. It’s something you have to stay motivated to do or all the work that you’ve put into it will start to diminish and you’ll notice that you’re returning somewhere close to your starting size.

Of course, it’s also important to remember that many factors can change the size of your penis, even if it seems very random. Age can have a big part in it, so it’s not surprising if you see some slight fluctuation when you measure yourself.

Hormonal aspects- dopamine and human growth hormone is something I’ve already discussed.

Best options

In my opinion, the best penis pumps out there are Bathmate and Penomet.

I’ve covered the Bathmate quite a lot on this site and given some information on it – its perks and disadvantages and the long and short term effects that it can have, but there are other products out there that are definitely worth a mention and even have some credibility to them in the form of user reviews that are consistent across the board and all say the same general gist, helping put a lot more faith in the other products.

One that I really want to bring to light and mention is the Penomet – it’s very easy to find information on and rates very close on the popularity scale when compared to the Bathmate, meaning that it’s great and easy to find information on so that you’re making an informed purchase. It’s another well-known product that offers results that you can see and boast about.

Features of the Penomet

• More growth room
• Multiple gaiters
• Additional add ons available
• More control
• Easy to dispel uncomfortable pressure

The Penomet offers users a range of additional gaiters – this controls the pressure – which gives you complete control on how much pressure is used in a session. It’s one of the only official penis pumps that offer this and gives comparable results to the Bathmate, which however includes one gaiter setting that is completely fixed. As well as this, there are plans for Penomet to release additional gaiters down the line, meaning that you can continue to customize your penile growth journey without having to shell out for a whole new pump.

Another point to keep in mind is that, because the Penomet has detatchable parts, it’s a lot easier to clean. The Bathmate takes a little manevouring to get it entirely cleaned. The Penomet is two separate pieces that you can take apart to ensure it’s entirely clean all the way through. Penomet also provides you with a cleaning fluid when you buy their kit, meaning you have all the tools that you need to ensure you’re keeping a good hygiene standard when you’re trying to increase the size of your penis.

With Bathmate, you would be choosing one of the three sizes they sell their product in. For example, the standard model of the Bathmate is very restrictive in terms of size, and if you’re already reaching an average measurement while erect (roughly six inches), it’s not the best for you. However, they have a good selection of sizes and a good detailed explanation on what size would be best for you.

You want a penis pump that can offer you a little extra room for anticipated growth, without setting your sights too high and having one that ends up being too loose.

The Penomet accounts for this and if your length and girth are already average, or a little more so than average, you’ll find it a much more comfortable fit without having to buy a new pump in the next size up.

Concerns with Hydropumps (water based penis pumps)

As a general rule, all penis pumps are equipped with a ‘release valve’ of sorts – especially hydropumps that rely on water to help your growth.

Water based penis pumps are more powerful than air based pumps, because of the suction power they have. That’s why people on hydropumps like Bathmate experience the best results.

However, the ‘release valve’ in hydropumps is required because if it’s possible to over pump and can be incredibly uncomfortable and even bordering on painful. When this happens, it’s important that you have a way to release the pressure quickly. It goes without saying that the penis is an incredibly sensitive body part and if you need to rescue it, you want to do it the quickest possible way. In comparison to the Bathmate, the Penomet has a simpler way of doing this.

With a quick press of a switch, you can instantly relieve the pressure that has built up to bring comfort back to your experience. This gives you the freedom to start again and allows you to concentrate on your gains without worrying about causing any lasting damage or dealing with discomfort.

The Bathmate does offer a similar function, but it’s not as simple to use – which is exactly what you want when you’re in a rush to relieve the pressure quickly around your penis. The Penomet definitely has the superior device with this feature, allowing quick and easy releases – and a quick lesson on how much is too much to pump so that you know for next time.

If you’re looking to start from a smaller size and gain decent growth, both Bathmate and Penomet are a wise investment.

Penomet is compatible with a range of sizes, thanks to the different gaiters. The Bathmate, however, while they have a lot to choose from, tend to cater to specific sizes.

Tips to Avoid Side Effects of Penis Pumps

As with any change that you force on your body, penis enlarging through pumping can leave a few side effects. They’re not all long term, nor are all of them a serious issue and they usually go down by themselves after a little while. It might just mean you have to lay off the sessions for a little while or reduce your time so that you’re not aggravating the problem more.

One problem to ensure that you’re aware of and that you’re not overworking your penis is a lack of sensitivity. It’s entirely possible that with too much use of the penis pump, you’ll find that you require a lot more stimulation in order to achieve a state of sexual arousal.

It’s not common, but a lack of sensitivity can also have some mental problems and mean that you find any sort of sexual stimulation unpleasing. If you have a high sex drive, you’re more likely to suffer if you suddenly see a decline in your sensitivity and find that you’re not experiencing the same sort of gratification that you once got. Take it easy and if you start to notice that you’re not as sensitive, consult with a doctor or a urologist to ensure that you’re not doing any serious damage. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your penis and how you maintain its health.

As with any body part when you apply an unexpected amount of pressure, you can risk damaging the cells under the skin. You can also risk bursting capillaries, which will cause bleeds under the skin. One side effect from this is that you’ll start to notice red marks appearing along your penis. This is known as petechie.

Another thing to keep in mind when using a penis pump and applying pressure is that you can actually accidentally cut off the blood supply that’s running to your penis (which we all know is a vital thing!), which can cause a slight discolouring to your penis while it’s in the pump. If you notice this, or you notice a feeling of coldness, cease using the pump and end your session until the feeling has returned. Don’t be afraid though, this is not as bad as it sounds and it is very rare.

You also need to make sure that you know what medical conditions you’re going in to with this. If you have any condition that thins out your blood – or similarly, if you’re on medication to thin the blood, the pressure can actually cause bleeds and it can result in blood clots, which are incredibly dangerous. If you’re unsure at any point while you’re using the penis pumps, it’s important that you talk to someone that can advise you – better to be embarrassed (not that you should be at all!) than in life-threatening danger because of an urge to increase your size. Your health should always come first.

Other Penis Enlargement Options

As well as physical aids being available to try and increase the size of your penis, it’s also important to remember it’s not the only way. Penis pump is a popular way because it takes most of the work out of it for you, compared to doing manual stretches. There are other ways, however, that can try and recreate the same results. One of those is a penis enlargement pill.

The idea behind these pills is that they simulate the hormones in your blood that can have a direct effect on your growth and can encourage further growth especially if you are using a pump like Bathmate.

But, there are lots of penis pills scams out there employing shady and cheesy marketing tactics.


With the majority of penis pills out there, the old cliche suits pretty well – “When things sound too good to be true, it’s because they are.”


Supplements are easy to get hold of and PE pills are no exception to this – actually, if you check your spam folder, you’ll probably find a lot of offers for cheap ones with low price shipping, but we’d definitely advise against using those at all.

The best PE pills are designed to up your growth hormone and dopamine levels and increase the ones already there. Usually, in a healthy, working body, enough hormone is produced to keep the body healthy and performing as it should.

However, if you then start to introduce other hormones and chemicals in to your body mindlessly, it’s also possible you could get results that you don’t quite want.

That is why, it’s very important to chose an enlargement pill that has undergone clinical trials under strict medical supervisions.

Otherwise, if you go for cheap hormone based pills for penis growth, you’ve also got the potential for:

• Hair loss
• Mood swings
• Upset balance

Playing with supplements and hormones isn’t something to be taken lightly and should definitely be something that is discussed prior to taking them – especially when there are other options available to you that don’t include introducing anything to your body and blood stream.

Some of the hormones and chemicals that are included in PE pills, such as DHT, can increase the risk of losing your hair, regardless of your age, and you need to ensure that you’re following instructions correctly to try and combat the loss.

You can do this by eating a healthy diet with a lot of fresh fruits to ensure that you’re getting the best results. This way you can concentrate on your penis becoming larger without having to worry. You can do this with Bathmate, too – just eating right!

As well as this, hormones have a reaction to your moods. A lack of balance can change a lot and it can even lead to a complete disinterest in sex, a loss of libido, and general irritation. Keeping a balance of hormones and ensuring that you’re keeping a healthy diet to keep your insides ticking over nicely is definitely key if you intend to use the pills at all.

Although cheap penis pills can be obtained through legitimate ways and you can definitely talk to doctors that can advise you on the right amount and give you an idea of how much you can expect to grow while you’re taking them. If you start to feel off balance, or the tablets are interfering with your life and your emotions then put yourself first and come off them.

There are other alternatives, and while tablets seem the easiest, they’re not always the most rewarding.

However, if you try HGH enhancing penis pills, along with Bathmate, they require less time than the penis pump, you will definitely enhance the effectiveness of your penile pumping sessions.

Human Growth Hormone and Penis size

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is something that is naturally developed within the body, and is used to repair and encourage healing in body tissue. One of its primary uses is in muscle building. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for anything else, though, and it’s actually become popular amongst people who are trying to add a little length to their penis.

However, you have to get a HGH prescription from doctors (endocrinologists or anti-aging doctors) and in pharmacies – you might find that you’re investing quite a bit in it, however, as it can take a little while for you to see any results (as with any method, it requires time and dedication).

There’s also a lot of myth surrounding this particular method, too. These myths include the injection site. If you’ve heard that you need to inject the hormone straight in to your penis in order for it to work and it’s been putting you off using it, then we’re here to tell you the good news: you do not have to do that at all.

HGH does not work on the site it’s applied. It travels through the body and actually goes through a whole over process first before it even starts to heal and help growth.

You can inject it anywhere, but it’s actually advised against injecting straight in to your penis as you’re actually risking other issues there – you don’t want to cause an infection or any other problems, especially not on the penis which is an incredibly sensitive organ.

The HGH will bind itself to fat cells and repair muscles where it needs it. If you’ve been performing penis stretches, or any penis enhancement workouts then it’s a good bet that your tissue and muscles there are going to need a little bit of care, which is where HGH comes in.

It doesn’t work locally on site, though and you will actually have to give it a reason to do some good there, so ensure you’re keeping up with your penis stretches and manual penis pumping workouts. If you expect to just inject and have the hormone do all the work for you, you’re going to be very let down by your results. It’s not an overnight thing, either; you’ll need to be using this for a few months before you really see anything of significance.

The HGH actually has to reach your liver before anything really happens, so even if you do think that shooting it directly in to your penis is the best method, you’re still delaying its journey and you won’t see a quick fix for it at all.

HGH doesn’t only encourage growth, though, it also encourages a stronger build of the muscles and cartilage, giving you much more quality in penile erections and your appendage in general. It’s a very interesting method, and it’s very easy to find information on with a lot of science backing it up, meaning that you can definitely trust it as long as you use it right and make sure that you’re monitoring your dosages and not taking too much of it.

If you don’t like injecting with HGH, you might want to try natural HGH and testosterone enhancement supplements like Vigrx Plus.

Penis enlargement supplements for bigger and stronger penis

If you talk of Vigrx Plus , for the most part, all of these in it are natural ingredients and don’t add anything toxic to your body. You can get it online and you can usually get them in 6 months or 12 months supply, meaning that you can ensure that you have enough for a few months and don’t constantly have to buy a new supply.

Not only does it promote growth (because it contains ingredients that directly have impact on dopamine and human growth hormone), they can also promote erection strength which is definitely important. For a lot of males, their penis is linked to how much they enjoy sex and how much satisfaction they can bring to their partner.

While it’s always said, jokingly, that size matters it’s actually not a big deal. If you’re an average length, then you’re more than fine to be satisfying in bed without causing pain. Penises that you see in pornography and the over exaggerated adverts to try and get you to buy their product are usually too big – and yes, that’s a thing – and can cause pain during sex as we outlined earlier on.

Another way to ensure that you’re satisfied and being satisfactory in bed is to ensure that your penis isn’t just a good size, but that it’s also strong and can actually be used in a way that’s pleasing to both parties.


It’s great if you have a decent size but if you can’t hold an erection, or you find that you don’t get that hard, you’re not going to be able to do much with it in the bedroom. You want your penis to be strong enough and with enough girth that you’re confident in it, too.

So what can you use to make penis and erection strong?

  • Choline
  • Mucuna
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • HIIT (High intensity interval training)

Choline is designed to raise the levels of acetylcholine in your blood and you can get hold of them pretty easily – there’s no need to see a doctor, as you can get them without a prescription. It has many uses but one of the best uses that it has for helping you enlarge your penis and get a better length is that acetylcholine actually encourages muscle tissue to grow (as it increases HGH) and also increases the strength of your erections– which is a must in your endeavours here. You want to be able to get the absolute maximum growth that you can and if you’re mixing this supplements with others, you’re able to get maximum results too and a more satisfying penis length.

Acetylcholine is also a neurotransmitter that is used by the brain to send signals throughout the body including the penis.

Mucuna is another supplement that is useful in this particular field. It has a bunch of benefits available to those that take it, including maintaining blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, which is perfect if you’re in good shape and you’re following a healthy diet, but it also helps with the production of more dopamine and Human Growth Hormone.

As we covered above (in the hormonal aspect of penile growth), this can help you get a few extra gains and a few points on the ruler naturally and is something that is already found in the body. A little boost to it is perfect, as long as you have the right mix. Mucuna has also been shown to link to your sex drive, meaning that while you’re taking it, you might find that your libido is increased a little and you’re much more likely to want sex often.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a type of carnitine that has been modified. Compared to the standard, regular carnitine that is available, this one is shown to potentially have better sexual benefits and be much more effective. It has many uses, including reducing your age-appearance. It can also aid you with more quality erections.

Studies have shown that it has helped other men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and impotence and gives them a better chance of maintaining, and even gaining, an erection. This is particularly useful as some people can suffer a loss of erections – or fail to hold one for as long – when they’re putting their penis under pressure in order to gain a few inches.

The above mentioned ingredients are present in supplements like Vigrx Plus  and taking this supplement will ensure that as well as gaining length, you’re gaining good quality erections, which are key to success. The better erection you have means a better blood flow and that can also help make your penis look larger.


There are many products out there that claim to work and if this is something you’re serious about then research goes a long way. Penis is a highly important area of your body that you’re trying to change and you don’t want to take anything that’s going to cause harm or reduce the effectiveness of that organ.

Make sure you know what you’re taking at all times, what it purports to do and what the side effects are so that you’re aware and educated. If something doesn’t sound right, don’t use it – and definitely don’t take it. Doctors can be a great source of advice and you definitely wouldn’t be the first person to approach them with a similar question so make sure that you have all the information you need to hand before you start your penis growth venture.

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