Tips on Using the Bathmate Hydromax x30

Also known as the Hercules Bathmate, the Hydromax X30 is the smallest in the Bathmate range – a selection of water pumps that will help you to get that long-lasting pumped up feeling, adding both length and girth to your penis. It does take some time to get to grips with and this a list of tips and tricks that have been compiled after scouring penis enlargement forums for the best answers – all you need to know in just one place.

One of the main problems facing a lot of people who use the Bathmate is keeping the pump full of water as you’re working with it. To keep it filled with approximately 95% water, we suggest the following:

1: Fill the hydropump with as much luke-warm water as you can fit, before pushing your penis in.

2: Enter the Bathmate with an erection – typically 85% or more of the way to completely hard.

3: Hold the pump at approximately 40 degree angle away from your stomach (think where your penis would be if it was comfortably fully erect when not using the pump). You can also lean backwards slightly to see if that helps to negate water loss.

4: Give a couple of strong pumps at a slightly slower than normal speed.

5: When you’re on the final pump (for example, your third), hold down the pump with one hand and flick the X30’s top switch with the other. Then release your final pump. The switch closure prevents a loss of water and pressure.

6: Continue as normal using the pump. You may find that after 2-6 minutes of working with the switch closed that you will have to open the switch and start the process again. For a 12 minute workout, it’s not that much of a big deal – you may only have to go through the hassle twice.

An alternative method:

While showering, half fill the pump and then insert your penis. Open the gaiter end of the bathmate (clamshell motion) and fill the pump with running water from the shower. Let the running water overfill then close the bathmate. This should reduce the amount of air bubbles and help you to reach max. pressure.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pressure

1: Beginners are advised to slowly build up to the maximum pressure over several minutes of use. Going straight to maximum pressure can cause red spots, stretch marks and other unsightly blemishes.

2: Work up to using a full erection with the Bathmate Hercules – like any muscle, you need to condition your penis.

3: To get better suction and pressure, don’t use the comfort ring.

How to Know if You’re Overdoing the Workouts:

Your erections aren’t as ‘rock hard’ as they usually are. Maybe you’re getting complaints of a ‘spongy’ feeling from your girlfriend or maybe you’ve noticed it yourself. This is a sign that your workouts are lasting too long or you’re working too hard at the wrong pressure. Cut down that 25 minute full pressure workout to 15 minutes and see if things improve. Don’t worry, the spongy feeling isn’t permanent!

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